[PyQt] What do I import in pykde 3.16 to access PyKDE.versionString ()?

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Thu Jan 17 22:36:50 GMT 2008

On Thursday 17 January 2008 10:42, Dog Walker wrote:
> The documentation says that both KDE.versionString and
> PyKDE.versionString are available since 3.11. I find KDE.versionString
> in kdecore on PyKDE 3.16 but cannot locate PyKDE.versionString. What
> should I import to access this function?

It apparently got left out - it should be in kdeversion.sip.. However, you 
should have a copy of pykdeconfig in /site-packages, or wherever PyKDE has 
been installed (you will have for sure if you compiled - can't say if 
packagers install it).

You can find the version there:

>>> import pykdeconfig
>>> cfg = pykdeconfig.Configuration ()
>>> cfg.pykde_version
>>> cfg.pykde_version_str

pykde_version is the hex representation - would be 0x030f02 in this case 
(which should equal decimal 200450).

I'm apparently running an older version of PyKDE on this box.


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