[PyQt] Qt designer & KDE

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Mon Jan 28 06:40:29 GMT 2008

On 28.01.08 14:59:42, Daniel O'Connor wrote:
> This might be OT but any answers would be greatly appreciated..
> What is the canonical way to build a KDE application using a GUI 
> designer? I've tried both Qt designer and kdevdesigner but they both 
> generate QMainWindow classes and I can't see how to change this (baring 
> editing the code pyuic generates which seems like a kludge)

Use Qt4/KDE4 or rewrite the .ui file with an editor. In Qt4/KDE4 you can
apply the .ui file to a KMainWindow instead of a QMainWindow.

I don't know how good that works currently, but I did have a KMainWindow
template created from an empty QMainWindow template. Just put it under
$HOME/.designer/templates and it will show up.


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