[PyQt] core dump in pyqt application

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Sun Jul 6 21:44:46 BST 2008

On 06.07.08 20:34:05, Iván García wrote:
> Currently the app uses python threads, not pyqt threads, could this be  
> the reason?
> The only thread I'm having now is a logging function:
>        self.setTitleBarText("Trying to login...")
>        try:
>            if self.OSDBServer._login(username, password) :
>                if not username: username = 'Anonymous'
>                self.setTitleBarText("Logged as: %s" % username)
>            elif username: #We try anonymous login in case the normal  
> user login has failed
>                self.setTitleBarText("Error logging as: %s. Logging  
> anonymously..." % username)
>                if self.OSDBServer._login("", "") :
>                    self.setTitleBarText("Logged as: Anonymous")
>                else:
>                    self.setTitleBarText("Login: Cannot login.")
>        except:
>            self.setTitleBarText("Login: ERROR")
> The only interaction of the thread with the pyqt GUI is the  
> setTitleBarText where it changes the title of the Main App Window.

I guess this code runs inside your own thread? If so thats why you're
having that problem. You can't call such methods from outside the
GUI/main thread with Qt.


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