[PyQt] core dump in pyqt application

Iván García capiscuas at gmail.com
Tue Jul 8 11:10:20 BST 2008

By creating and calling a SIGNAL from my thread to the main app it 
totally fix my problem,


Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> On 07.07.08 12:09:56, Iván García wrote:
>> Can I use then SendEvent or PostEvent as you mentioned before within my  
>> thread in order to call the Main QT thread and then change the title of  
>> the appwindow?
> Please stay on the list.
> Yes I think you can, all you have to do is create a QEvent subclass for
> holding the title you want to display (or the statte of your server) and
> then use QApplication::postEvent( YourEvent("somestring"),
> someGuiObject)
> someGuiObject needs to be a QObject subclass implementing the event()
> method. Thats where your event will be delivered and where you can then
> access its data. Obviously you need to pass that object to your
> background thread when you're creating the thread.
> Andreas

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