[PyQt] PyQt4 and Stackless 2.5.2?

inhahe inhahe at gmail.com
Tue Jul 22 13:32:34 BST 2008

Can anyone tell me how to get PyQt4 working with Stackless?

I found this:


Subject:	Re: [PyQt] PyQt4.3 and stackless python 2.5.1 working?Link to
this message
From:	Michael Guntsche (mi... at it-loops.com)
Date:	08/28/2007 04:20:16 PM
List:	org.kde.pykde

On Aug 29, 2007, at 0:08, Michael Guntsche wrote:

Hi list,

I recently played around a little bit with stackless python and also
wanted to try it together with PyQt to see how lightweight threading
works. The problem is that it look like stackless and pyqt4 do not
like each other very much.

Ok, answering my own mail here after searching through the stackless
mail archive. Changing siplib.c like explained here
http://article.gmane.org/ gmane.comp.python.stackless/2431 gave me a
working sip and pyqt with stackless python. I have not tested if this
breaks normal python but I thought I might post an answer to the list
in case someone else is looking for it.

Kind regards, Micaehl


But the link given is just a blank page now.  So does anyone know what
change needs to be made to siplib.c?  Also, would I have to compile
SIP and PyQt4, or could I just compile SIP and use the PyQt4 Windows
binaries?  Because I already tried compiling PyQt4....it doesn't work.

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