[PyQt] PyKDE4-4.0.2 release

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Tue Mar 11 18:35:17 GMT 2008

On Tuesday 11 March 2008 10:48, Detlev Offenbach wrote:
> I have a dual installation of KDE. KDE4 is installed alongside KDE3, which
> is my main desktop. The environment variable KDEDIR is set to /opt/kde3
> (openSUSE 10.3). This makes configure.py to pick up KDE3 instead of KDE4.
> Here is an excerpt of the output.

Thanks for the report - I don't have $KDEDIR set on any systems so didn't 
catch this problem (I think KDE discontinued it a while ago, although PyKDE3 
continued to check for it).

The workaround is already in place - use the -k switch on the configure.py 
command line to specify the correct KDE4 base directory (which I believe is 
now /usr for all distributions - even SuSE finally switched). Or set $KDEDIR 
to nothing temporarily.

Outside of this problem, there should be no difficulty is running PyKDE3 and 
PyKDE4 simultaneously, or running PyKDE4 under KDE3 as the desktop (assuming 
KDE4 is installed). Any problems should be considered bugs.

The fix will be in the next release - I've removed $KDEDIR from configure.py 
and added a check for KDE_VERSION_MAJOR == 4.


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