[PyQt] No reply - did I post wrong?

Peter Howard peterhoward42 at blueyonder.co.uk
Sat Mar 15 22:41:56 GMT 2008

I posted a question on Wednesday - but have had no reply as yet.

Am I using the list wrongly in some way?

My message subject was "PyQt4 'apparently' interfering with

I've condensed the problem to a 3 line program:

import PyQt4.QtCore
import ctypes

As you will deduce this is running on Windows. It produces the traceback I
put in Wednesday's post.

The reason I'm raising it here - is 1) because I'm stuck :-), and 2)More
relevantly, if you don't import from PyQt first it works completely fine -
including more extensive use of the dll via ctypes.

I was working up the use of the dll with unit tests without any problems -
until I started integrating it with existing - tried and tested PyQt code.

Both of these bodies of code continue to work happily in isolation.

I realise you can't take any responsibility or interest in why ctypes is
going wrong or what might be wrong with the dll in question - but I was
hoping your experience might provide some insight.

By the way I also tried SIP-ing an interface to the dll, but the C interface
is quite complicated using large numbers of header files, and I got a bit
bogged down. Since I only need a few trivial-ish interfaces into the dll,
the ctypes approach looked like the best bet.


Pete (the one you know from Airbus - Phil)

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