[PyQt] design pattern question

piotr maliński riklaunim at gmail.com
Mon Nov 17 09:13:25 GMT 2008

I'm making an application that has two main parts - navbar and tab
widget. The tab widget can has various widgets in tabs - if it's a
file - qscintilla, if it's a dir - QListWidget and so on.

The problem is that I want to write handlers for those conditions (web
url, file, dir, regex mapped url etc.) in separate files that would be
imported and executed (main function) - I've made a simple functions
that get the url and current tab object - and I can change widgets in
tab as I need, but I have problems with connecting to signals and
interacting with other widgets... What would be the best way to use
multiple "pluggable" files and to retain all the functionality from
the main QtGui.QMainWindow class that runs the app?

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