[PyQt] Python Plugins not Appearing in Designer

Brent Villalobos Brent.Villalobos at pdi.dreamworks.com
Sat Oct 25 00:37:54 BST 2008

I'm having issues trying to get the python plugins to appear in Qt 
designer.  I downloaded and unzipped the Linux PyQt source and they 
tried running the plugins.py example but none of the python widgets 
showed up.  I'm using a Qt and PyQt installation setup by my IT 
department.  I didn't install anything from the files I downloaded.  I 
only used that so I would have ready-made python plugins and not have to 
create my own to test. 

I then tried doing the steps manually.  Here is what I did:
% cd /home/lobos/work/misc/PyQt-x11-gpl-4.4.3/examples/designer/plugins
% setenv PYTHONPATH 
% /rel/third_party/qt64/4.4.1/opt-ws4-x86_64-gcc3.4_64/bin/designer

There are a few things that might be causing this, but I wanted to get 
some of your thoughts before pursuing them further (since I don't have 
permissions to change our Qt or PyQt installation I didn't want to 
bother another department without specific questions and requests).  Are 
there files I need to look for to verify that the python plugins will 
work?  It looks like we are running a 64-bit installation of designer.  
Any potential issues there?  The examples I loaded were for PyQt 
v4.4.3.  Our Qt installation is v4.4.1 and our PyQt installation is 
v4.4.3.  Any potential problems there?

I would appreciate any assistance on how I can go about debugging this.  
Let me know if you need any other information.  Thanks.
-Brent Villalobos

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