[PyQt] Print a QTableView

David Boddie david at boddie.org.uk
Sat Oct 25 02:07:12 BST 2008

On Fri Oct 24 14:35:11 BST 2008, Romain Bignon wrote:
> Romain Bignon wrote:
> > I want to print a QTableView on a QPrinter, but there isn't any way to do
> > that.
> I've tried to redirect painter to the printer device, but render is not
> correct.

This probably won't produce high quality output - the best you can expect
is a nice screenshot-style image.

> Firstly, only the region of widget printed on screen is drawn. Then, the
> quality is not good, and some additional widgets in the QTableView (set
> with the setIndexWidget() method) aren't printed.
> What other way is there to print the QTableView? It is possible to use
> QPainter to draw myself the table, but it is tedious.
> Is there any other solution?

One way is to examine the contents of the table by querying the model and
construct a table in a text document. The style won't match what you
see on screen, but at least you can let the text document figure out how
to print the table.


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