[PyQt] qabstractitemmodel + qsortfilterproxymodel

luigi curzi luigi_curzi at yahoo.it
Thu Sep 10 14:31:17 BST 2009

i created a qtreeview and a qabstractitemmodel; to sort and
filter data i used qsortfilterproxymodel and linked abstarctitemmodel
-> proxymodel -> qtreeview; the problem is that i often add and remove
rows in the model (by means of signal/slot between qtreeview and
abstractmodel); without proxymodel, application works, but with
proxymodel as "wrapper", when rows are inserted, application crashes
(segmentation fault); must i subclass qsortfilterproxymodel
and reimplement maptosource and mapfromsource? how? must i reimplement
other functions? are there some examples? must i emit these signals
"rowsAboutToBeInserted", "rowsInserted" or "layoutChanged" in

excuse me for my poor english and thanks in advice.
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