[PyQt] Segfault with libkdecore.so

Moritz Hobe m.o at online.de
Thu Sep 10 20:41:58 BST 2009

I'm new to PyQt (and pretty new to Python and Qt in general) and I'm trying to 
get some basic widgets to work.
I've created a MainWindow with QtDesigner and compiled it with:
pyuic4 -o tagebuchhauptfenster.py tagebuch.ui

There doesn't seem to be an error; pyuic4 doesn't report anything, pyuic4 with 
-d for debugging just tells me what it's added and seems to terminate 

PyQt4.uic.uiparser: new topwidget None
PyQt4.uic.uiparser: add action actionBeenden to menuDatei
PyQt4.uic.uiparser: add action actionSchliessen to menuTagebuch
PyQt4.uic.uiparser: add action menuDatei to menubar
PyQt4.uic.uiparser: add action menuTagebuch to menubar

In my folder, there are now:
- tagebuch.py
- tagebuch.ui
- tagebuchhauptfenster.py

Similar to 
I've written my implementation:

However, everytime I execute it, I get this:
[ivan at hal KDE-GUI-Sachen]$ python tagebuch.py
Speicherzugriffsfehler [segmentation fault]

It crashes with setupUi(self).
Usually I'd just assume that I've messed up my implementation, but when I call 
dmesg, I get this which I think is very strange:

python[4679]: segfault at 8 ip 00007f5e7036f4de sp 00007fffcfa12590 error 4 in 

I get one new error every time I execute tagebuch.py, altough I'm not even 
using anything KDE related in any of my files (yet), am I?
On my machine, I'm using KDE 4.3.1 and Qt 4.5.2. As I'm using Arch Linux, I 
don't have a 
normal KDE version installed but the so called KDEmod and qtmod.
This of course might have to do with it, but I don't understand why 
libkdecore.so is even used. Seems like I'm lacking proper background here.

I haven't found anything libkdecore related about that on the internet, so 
what you hopefully can give me is a hint where to look at, where to go from 

Thanks in advance

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