[PyQt] dbus for win32

Jens Nie JNie at roseninspection.net
Thu Sep 10 15:11:24 BST 2009

Hi David.

I think i have found these bindings and the windows port also. Actually I came to the point where some page proposed to use the precompiled binaries provided by the deluge torrent project. There the strategy was to copy over all pure python based classed from the python-dbus sources (the dbus subfolder actually) somewhere suitable in the python installation and use the binaries from deluge in the win32 7zip files, which had to be put there as well. This way I wouldn't need to compile all stuff on my own. I have chosen to put all files into the site-packages folder of the python installation within a dbus subfolder, which should create the necessary dbus module. Importing dbus however complains about not finding a dll. But I cannot figure out which dll is missing.

Or could this simply be a python2.5 <-> python2.6 issue? Or is this because the binaries have been created using mingw, whilst python has been compiled using visual studio?

Being behind a firewall I have no chance to control makes downloading necessary sources from git or svn repositories impossible for me. This does not really ease the necessary 'build your own version' approach. That's why I was wondering if anyone has found a python-dbus installation for windows, or can provide such a package.


Best regards


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> > I would like to use some dbus based functionality another application
> > offers within PyQt4 on windows and just realized that all the Qt DBus
> stuff
> > does not seem to be wrapped, so that the native dbus libraries need
> to be
> > used.
> Normally, you would use the standard python-dbus package for D-Bus:
>   http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/DBusBindings
> But the problem is that D-Bus support isn't stable on Windows yet,
> though
> there is a port to Windows in progress:
>   http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/dbus
> If you're specifically targeting Windows, you could also look at using
> other
> technologies for inter-process communication.
> David
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