[PyQt] QMYSQL + QSqlQueryModel.

Igor Prischepoff igor at tyumbit.ru
Fri Sep 25 04:34:06 BST 2009

I have compiled mysql plugin with mingw 
it works with standard Qt installation.  
Sqlbrowser example from Qt demo works with my plugin ok and
queries fetches data from database just fine!

But I can't include my mingw compiled plugin to pyqt compiled by riverbank.

with mingw compiled version didn't working. Even when I clearing Qt plugin
cache in 
registry. QMYSQL just not showing in available drivers.

It's because pyqt compiled with microsoft compiler from Visual Studio?
How can I replace standard plugin with mingw version?

How can i compile mysql plugin with Qt OpenSource SDK (without commercial
and with Visual studio compiler?
Configure.exe wants commercial license when I choose 'c' in his options.


igor at tyumbit.ru

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