[PyQt] Model/View programming

Lukas Hetzenecker LuHe at gmx.at
Fri Sep 25 11:07:37 BST 2009


thanks for your help again. It works like a charm now.


Am Donnerstag 24 September 2009 21:11:34 schrieb David Boddie:
> On Tue Sep 22 01:37:33 BST 2009, David Boddie wrote:
> > I tried running your test case and found that the view displayed various
> > items in an incomplete way - when you see trailing branches, it's a sure
> > sign that something isn't quite right.
> >
> > I'll try and take a look at this tomorrow unless someone manages to help
> > you out in the meantime.
> I finally got a chance to look at the code. I removed all the places where
> you stored QModelIndexes in the items and changed the appendChild() method
> to emit signals so that the view knows something changed.
> You might want to diff my version against yours to see what I did.
> David

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