[PyQt] Weird QTextLabel Output

matt-lists at comnet.net.nz matt-lists at comnet.net.nz
Sat Apr 24 02:02:23 BST 2010

I've got a small program that parses a web page and outputs a small amount of 
text to a QTextLabel.  The problem is, that when displaying numbers with 
spaces between them, the textLabel seems to add in strange characters.  
Example:  http://everydaylht.com/example.png

The string should be "6 272 640 square inches".  This is how the string looks 
when I parse the webpage.  If I print the string before it is displayed, the 
terminal output is how it should be (ie. 6 272 640 square inches).  However, 
in a QTextLabel, those weird A's get inserted.

The source file uses UTF-8 encoding.  

Any suggestions what this might be, or how it might be fixed.

The relevant code is here:  http://pastebin.org/171738



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