[PyQt] bug: QProcessEnvironment insert failing

Scott Ballard scott at scottballard.net
Fri Dec 10 18:24:23 GMT 2010

Thanks for the reply Wolfgang!

I guess the verbiage is a little misleading then. Insert implies to add to
whats existing. Perhaps QT needs to add a replace method as well. :)

Easy enough to work around though.


On Fri, Dec 10, 2010 at 1:12 AM, Wolfgang Rohdewald
<wolfgang at rohdewald.de>wrote:

> On Freitag 10 Dezember 2010, Scott Ballard wrote:
> > The insert method of QProcessEnvironment overwrites the
> > environment variable instead of inserting into it.
> according to the manual, this is correct.
> Inserts the environment variable of name name and contents value
> into this QProcessEnvironment object. If that variable already
> existed, it is replaced by the new value.
> --
> Wolfgang
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