[PyQt] MemoryError: can I use more?

Echavarria Gregory, Maria Angelica m.echavarriagregory at umiami.edu
Sat Feb 13 00:24:55 GMT 2010

Dear group:

I am developing a PyQt application using PyQt 4.3 and Python 2.5.4 in windows 32 OS. The amount of data it works with is huge. I have managed to keep memory footprint low, but have found that, independent of the physical RAM of the machine, python always gives the MemoryError message when it has occupied exactly only 2.2 GB. I have tested this in 4 different machines, all with memory of 3 to 4 GB... I'm amazed.

Could any of you please help me figure out how to change that limit? I typed help(MemoryError) and it is a class itself, but that help told me nothing I can use...


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