[PyQt] 64 bits and Snow Leopard make me crazy

Brian Kelley kelley at eyesopen.com
Thu Feb 25 15:31:17 GMT 2010

Option 1: (64 bits Python 2.6) Easiest
  You can use PyQt out of the box with the DEFAULT python 2.6 Framework install and Qt 4.6 default framework.  64 bit

Option 2: (32 bits Python 3.x) Second Easiest
   You can install Python 3.x default framework, manually build Qt 4.6 in 32 bit mode and build PyQt in 32 bit mode.

Option 3: (64 bits  Python 3.x) Hardest
   You can build framework Python 3.x in 64 bit mode, install Qt 4.6 default framework and build PyQt in 64 bit mode (default out of the box)

There are other options including 
 Python 2.6 + Qt 4.6 (32 bit)
and even
 Python 2.6 + Qt 4.5 (32 bit)

but these are left as exercises to the reader.

Brian Kelley

On Feb 25, 2010, at 10:19 AM, <projetmbc at club-internet.fr> wrote:

> >>> This assumes a 64-bit python-3 installation. How was python installed?
> >>> My understanding is that the universal Mac binaries provided at
> >>> python.org do not include support for x86_64.
> In that case, how can I use PyQt on Snow Leopard ?
> <ATT00001..txt>

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