[PyQt] PyQt Digest, Vol 67, Issue 42

Mitchell L Model MLMDev at Comcast.net
Thu Feb 25 15:50:08 GMT 2010

Just for the record, since a fair number of us are trying to put PyQt  
together on Snow Leopard (and you can search the archives for our  
frustrations and hints) you also need to compile Python as 64-bit,  
rather than using the Python installers, which were built on Leopard  
and are not 64-bit. Incidentally, the trick that has been passed  
around for telling whether Python is 32-bit or 64-bit is to do >>>  
hash('a'). On Python 2 you get a negative number, whereas on Python 3  
you get a large positive number.

Note also that the Qt installation dmg is 32-bit.

So, you need to compile your own 64-bit versions of everything. Run  
the Qt compilation and PyQt compilations over (separate) nights --  
they take many hours each. (And do NOT use the --concatenate option  
when compiling PyQt: that causes the compilation to take 10 times as  
long. And while it's running it goes hours without producing any  
output because it compiles each top-level PyQt module -- e.g., QtCore,  
QtGui, etc. -- as a single source file, so it will look like the  
compilation has hung.) The whole process, including the configures and  
the make of Python, will take at least ten hours (if I remember right)  
and maybe 20.

 From my observation using the MenuMeters System Preference, the  
computation in all of these builds doesn't get spread around much, so  
building all of this on a single ∫processor dual-core machine with,  
say, 2Gb RAM might not be a whole lot slower than it is on, say,  
either my current 8-core 2-processor 2.26 Xeon MacPro at work, or a  
somewhat older, quad-core single-processor one at home. The one at  
work is faster, but not significantly.

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> Date: Thu, 25 Feb 2010 14:33:59 +0100
> From: Massimo Di Stefano <massimodisasha at yahoo.it>
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> Subject: Re: [PyQt] 64 bits and Snow Leopard make me crazy
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> Hi You need the 64bit version of Qt (cocoa)
> then to build sip and pyqt i used :
> SIP :
> python2.6 configure.py -d /Library/Python/2.6/site-packages -b /usr/ 
> local/bin \
> -e /usr/local/include -v /usr/local/share/sip --arch=x86_64
> PYQT :
> python2.6 configure.py -d /Library/Python/2.6/site-packages -b /usr/ 
> local/bin --use-arch x86_64
> i hope this help.

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