[PyQt] Mac Key Events

Emanuele Santos emanuelesantos at gmail.com
Thu Jun 24 22:44:29 BST 2010


I have Qt4.6.3 cocoa version installed from binary and PyQt4.7.3 on Snow
Leopard using python.org's python.
Running a pyqt4 script from the command line I don't have standard Mac Key
Events anymore (Command+C, Command+V, etc.). For example, running python
examples/richtext/orderform.py I can't copy and paste text using the
keyboard keys. However, if I build a bundle of the same script using py2app,
I get the key events fine.

Is there any configuration that I should do to get them working from the
command line too? Is anybody able to reproduce this?
I've noticed this problem since Qt4.5.


-- Emanuele.
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