[PyQt] QTreeWidget - itemClicked

Jose Vargas Paz jpaz at aqpglug.org.pe
Fri Jun 25 01:13:30 BST 2010

have a problem with SLOT,
el slot se activa muchas veces
this is my code:

def add_item(self):
        mdi = self.mdiArea.activeSubWindow()
        tree = mdi.widget().treeRequirements
        item = QTreeWidgetItem (tree)
        item.setText (0, str("item"))
        self.connect(tree, SIGNAL("itemClicked(QTreeWidgetItem *, int)"),

if I have five items in my QTreeWidget and I click one of them, the slot
"show_widget" also runs five times

Jose Vargas Paz
  AKA:   ejosvp
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