[PyQt] Is there a way to run the interp AND a gui?

Jason H scorp1us at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 2 23:04:37 GMT 2010

I am working on the new Qt/Kinetic stuff and one thing I would really like to have is an interactive GUI for it. Ideally, I'd have something like the interactive interpreter, which when I type x=QGrahpicsTextItem(...) and add it to the scene, it appears in the scene. Then I can do that with graphics effects and test out animations. 

The problem though, is the event loop needs to be running for the painting to happen. So I am confused if this is even possible? I'd even settle for some IPC that would translate commands to a seperate process running the GUI, if there was a way to do it (so that then I do x=QGrahicstextItem(...) x is actually a handle to the actual object in another process. But this looks waaay complicated. 



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