[PyQt] py2exe and VTK

Gib Bogle g.bogle at auckland.ac.nz
Tue Mar 16 05:34:37 GMT 2010

My Windows application uses PyQt and VTK.  When I try to build an executable 
with py2exe, the following modules appear to be missing:

'libvtkCommonPython', 'libvtkFilteringPython', 'libvtkGenericFilteringPython', 
'libvtkGeovisPython', 'libvtkGraphicsPython', 'libvtkHybridPython', 
'libvtkIOPython', 'libvtkImagingPython', 'libvtkInfovisPython', 
'libvtkParallelPython', 'libvtkRenderingPython', 'libvtkViewsPython', 
'libvtkVolumeRenderingPython', 'libvtkWidgetsPython'

What's surprising is that all the relevant VTK dlls are successfully copied to 
dist.  Also surprising is the fact that the program executes without errors, 
although it fails to display the VTK scene.

Has anyone had success in building an executable with py2exe that uses VTK 


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