[PyQt] ANN: Preview of Python code editor widget - pure Python alternative to QScintilla

Algis Kabaila akabaila at pcug.org.au
Sat Nov 13 00:32:40 GMT 2010

On Thursday 02 September 2010 12:42:02 Henning Schröder wrote:
> Hello,
> although QScintilla is nice I always thought it would be good to 
> an editor widget on QPlainTextEdit.
> Over the time I implemented the typical parts which were missing:
>  * line number and icon sidebar
>  * highlighting the current line, higlighting the occurrence of the 
current word
>  * line wrap indicator on the right side
>  * visible whitespace
>  * folding
> After that I got interested in advanced features:
>  * parenthese matching, auto-text
>  * Emacs-like auto-indention, auto-complete, call-tips, syntax 
>  * snippets
>  * rectangular selections
> Some parts are still buggy and the whole code-base should be
> cleaned-up and documented but I hereby release a preview.
> Maybe someone would like to play with such a think or someone is
> interested how to implement folding with a QPlainTextEdit.
> A preliminary web page is here:
> http://www.henning-schroeder.de/codeaide/
> If there is enough interest I will try to stabilize the code and 
> a simple demo IDE available, too.
> Greets
> Henning


I missed your email on the list, so I am late to reply.  I for one am 
very interested in a Python editor.  I have downloaded your sample 
code and plan to study it with a view of learning about the plain 

As a start, I started playing with the demo edit program and ma really 
impressed with it. I've noticed that typing "print{" gets corrected 
and interpreted as "print()".  Very pleasing, particularly as my 
eysight is too poor to distinguish between the curly bracket "{" and 
the ordinary bracket "(" without using magnifying glass!  

My interest in Qt is rather limited - I want to further improve the 
GUI I wrote for my Python program for structural analysis of 
engineering structures (the book and the program are under GPL).  

In spite of my lack of knowledge of Qt and PyQt, I hope to gain 
considerably by studying your code.  I have not noticed if it is GPL 
or similar.  Would you please clarify.

Thank you for the fine piece of work - a pleasure to browse it!


Algis Kabaila
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