[PyQt] Reporting Bugs in PyQt/Qt

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Mon Nov 29 22:44:44 GMT 2010

On 29.11.10 21:05:43, Ian wrote:
> Hi Andreas,
> Thank you for the pointer.
> I have just googled and found the documentation that mentions this.
> It is not in the
> class I am using, nor in the method I am using, nor is it very clear
> when I find it.
> Hmmm.
> Having chased down the definition of the role - not in the class or
> method, and not linked from either location -

You mean you missed the "See also" in

One thing to keep in mind: PyQt is a really thin layer over Qt/C++, so
if the PyQt docs seem lacking, just look it up in the Qt api docs.

> then it does become a bit clearer. As a noob I had thought that I am
> only displaying, so why does the model
> call for anything other than display role?

Because display'ing takes a lot more than just getting a string to
show... And the view doesn't know you're just displaying, it needs to be
ready to also edit, tooltip (which is display too) and size things

> There are many references to an example which might have helped. This is at
> http://www.riverbankcomputing.co.uk/static/Docs/PyQt4/html/itemviews-simpletreemodel.html
> This gives a 404.  Double Hmmmm.

I'd expect the sample to be part of the PyQt4 distribution (at least the

> So. In my first week with Python, PyQt and Qt I have:
> a) Uncovered more bugs in QT in one week, than I uncovered in all
> the software I used in my first 20 years in IT.
> b) Been helped over styles three times twice here - and once in the
> Python list - with information
> that was very hard to find if you did not know the exact name you
> were looking for.

If you think so, talk to Nokia to let them know where to improve the
documentation. Personally I find the Qt api docs a really good
references, I have to deal with a much more crappy stuff on a daily
basis. Same goes to the Qt examples (and the PyQt ones which are mostly
python versions of the C++ ones).

> Conclusion - super people, shame about the documentation, shame on Qt.
> Have I just hit a bad class in QAbstractTableModel - or is all Qt as buggy?

So far there's only a single bug in this thread (and I didn't quite
understand your description so I'm not even sure about that) and thats
the sorting-thing. Everything else is not a Qt bug, but bugs in your


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