[PyQt] Question about Sort/Filter behaviour

Hans-Peter Jansen hpj at urpla.net
Tue Nov 30 23:47:56 GMT 2010

On Tuesday 30 November 2010, 04:02:48 James Polk wrote:
> Hi All,
> Before asking this question, I did side-by-side testing and
> confirmation of the sorting results in both the "Basic" and "Custom"
> examples... Even compared the C++ vs Python generated code, same
> results... I also checked this on Pete's newly posted custom
> example..
> The observation is this...it appears that typing text into the
> pattern line generates a behaviour that is *always* regExp
> behaviour...
> For example,...supposed I set
>      filterColumn to "Date"
>      filterSyntax  to  "Wildcard"
> and finally, in filterPattern, I type 1/*    (with no quotes)
> I would expect to get a view returned with with all the January
> dates...but I get nothing...
> If I remove the slash (/), leaving  1*, I get everything, or better
> said I get the behaviour of regExp,....if you switch filterSyntax to
> "regular expression", you'll get the same results...

This is unfortunate: it appears, that Qt has issues with matching 
date/datetime columns. 

It relies on the fact, that the date column matching is always based on 
the iso format of date/time: e.g. something like 2007-01-03T14:26:00. 

> Another example...set
>       filterColumn to "Date"
> Type "12:"  (no quote) into filterPattern.
> Now keep switching filterSyntax from "regExp", "Wildcard", and
> "Fixed String", and every time you get the same output...

This behavior is consistent, and what I would expect.

> There are other examples I can provide too....
> There appears to be something odd going on here...at the very least,
> it doesn't appear to conform to Unix-like standard conventions of
> regularExpression and/or Wildcard interpretation...
> Is it just that the "Date" data is set up odd?
> I tried a similar example on the "Sender" column, but get same
> kind of results...
> Lastly,...I set
>      filterColumn to "Subject"
>      filterPattern  to "Sports"   (again , no quotes)
> sequencing thru filterSyntax,....going from regExp, to Wildcard,
> to Fixed String, I always get the same output...
> At least on "Fixed String", I would expect to get 1 returned record,
> but it's behaving like it's a regExp,...ignoring the "RE: etc" and
> the "AW: etc" non-matching cases...

No, that's fine. Even the fixed case does searching in contrast to 
matching. If you need the matching behavior, you may emulate it with 
RegExp and ^Sports.

> Does this strike anyone else as odd? or am I just going crazy?..lol

This leaves the date matching issue. Might be worth an enhancement 
request to add a localeAwareMatch flag to the QAbstractProxyModel 
class. Any takers?


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