[PyQt] Dilemma: Pqt or wxpython

Doug Bell dougb at bellz.org
Fri Apr 8 18:14:13 BST 2011

col speed wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm a newbie that has been learning python for the last 3
> years(between work, family and beer).  I would like to learn GUI
> programming and I have looked at pqt and wx. I am obviously not asking
> which, but why? Why would you recommend PyQt as against wx?

Several years ago I wrote the same simple application in both toolkits.
After that, it became obvious that PyQt was the way to go.  The wx
toolkit was not very friendly to use, reminding me way too much of the
bad old days with Microsoft's MFC.  PyQt is really cross-platform:
something written and debugged on Linux is very nearly guaranteed to
work well on Windows, and vice-versa.  On wxPython, there was no
shortage of platform-specific bugs.

I recommend that you do the same thing:  write the same small
application in both toolkits.  If you want the result fairly quickly,
you can start with an example program that you only need to partially
modify.  After that, the answer should be clear.

> Don't forget that a downside is haveing me asking silly questions.

No worries - we have no shortage of silly answers...

 - Doug

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