[PyQt] Dilemma: Pqt or wxpython (col speed)

col speed ajarncolin at gmail.com
Sat Apr 9 13:28:37 BST 2011

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Shameless link:
Not shameless, I would call it cool.

>Several years ago I wrote the same simple application in both toolkits.
>After that, it became obvious that PyQt was the way to go.  The wx
>toolkit was not very friendly to use, reminding me way too much of the
>bad old days with Microsoft's MFC.  PyQt is really cross-platform:
>something written and debugged on Linux is very nearly guaranteed to
>work well on Windows, and vice-versa.  On wxPython, there was no
>shortage of platform-specific bugs.

>I recommend that you do the same thing:  write the same small
>application in both toolkits.  If you want the result fairly quickly,
>you can start with an example program that you only need to partially
>modify.  After that, the answer should be clear.

>> Don't forget that a downside is haveing me asking silly questions.

>No worries - we have no shortage of silly answers...

 >- Doug

Should be obvious to a fool, I haven't got that far yet. As I have
downloaded both, I will act on your suggestion. As for silly answers, I'm a
teacher so I know all about them. I think I may have made my decision on
these replies alone!

Thanks a lot
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