[PyQt] Building SIP project

Jens Thoms Toerring jt at toerring.de
Tue Jul 5 18:19:08 BST 2011


   I have a SIP wrapper for a C++ library, consisting of
about 60 .sip files. Things work quite well, but I have
an issue with the process of creating the wrapper library.
I use an (a bit adapted) configure script like it is shown
in the documentation.

The problem is that each small change to any of the .sip
files requires a rebuilt of each and every file. I have
a "central" .sip file that includes all the others. And
when I change any of those files and thus need to run
the configure script all .cpp files are created anew.
And then, of course, they're newer than the correspon-
ding .o file and make will recompile all of them. That
takes around 5 minutes and really slows development down.
So I am looking for a way to tell sip to not re-create
.cpp files when they aren't older than the correspon-
ding .sip file or anything equivalent. Any ideas how
to get this done?
                    Thanks and best regards, Jens
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