[PyQt] ANN: New eric 5.2 snapshot released

detlev detlev at die-offenbachs.de
Sun May 1 10:58:15 BST 2011


I'd like to inform all of you about the immediate availability of a new eric 
5.2 snapshot. It fixes a few bugs and adds these new features.

- added menu entry for the icon editor to the tray starter
- added capability to filter out unwanted items in the file browsers
  (s. config dialog, interface page)
- changed syntax check to report error position within the line
- added functionality to the VCS status dialogs to make them more
  general commit dialogs
- extended the Mercurial log browser to indicate closed branches
- changed the configuration dialog to remember the last show page name
- added configuration options for visible whitespace (as of QScintilla 2.5)
- added capability to configure the alpha channel for some colors
  (as of QScintilla 2.5)
- added support for new lexer properties (as of QScintilla 2.5)
- added support for access keys and drag & drop to the web browser
- added support for search schemes ("s:" or "search:") and "about:home" to
  the web browser
- added capability to the tasks viewer to ignore files based on a wildcard
  during a project tasks scan
- added an action to push a new named branch to the Mercurial plug-in
- added an interface to VirusTotal to the web browser
- changed algorithm to determine the debugger backend type to be used by
  analysing a first line starting with '#!'
- added support for the Matlab and Octave lexers for QScintilla >= 2.5.1
- enhanced the autocompletion of templates to observe the language of the
  current file
- added support for "hg rollback" to the Mercurial interface

It is available via 

Detlev Offenbach
detlev at die-offenbachs.de

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