[PyQt] Links in QMessageBox.about() not working

Hans-Peter Jansen hpj at urpla.net
Tue May 17 10:21:04 BST 2011

On Monday 16 May 2011, 14:28:00 Anoop Panavalappil wrote:
> Hi There,
> I am developing a simple cross platform GUI using PyQt. I have tried
> to show the about dialog using QMessageBox.about() with richtext
> formatting with html tags (<b>, <br>, and <a>). The dialog correctly
> renders the HTML but the links are not working.
> Interestingly, when I tried the QMessageBox.aboutQt() to show the
> "About Qt" dialog, the links in that dialog doesn't work either. Same
> with the "About Qt" dialog form the help menu of Qt Designer also.
> Is there any workaround for the issue? Or is it a reported bug?

Works for me. Since you didn't told us your OS/versions, I will leave it 
up to you to find out mine. Hehe.


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