[PyQt] Embedding MPlayer in a QWidget // painting problems

Timothy W. Grove tim_grove at sil.org
Fri Sep 9 14:55:50 BST 2011

Thanks, I'm giving VLC a try and it seems to be working okay. Probably a 
question for the VLC forums (I'll copy a post there in a minute...), but 
I don't understand why I can't get autocropping to work. I'm using 
"""self.Instance = vlc.Instance("--no-audio", "--play-and-pause", 
"--autocrop") """ within my program, and I've tried using the same 
arguments on the command line but no joy. Should I be adding any other 
arguments to include this filter? I'm using the precompiled version of 
vlc.py which came with the Qt bindings; under Windows 7, PyQt4 and 
Python 3.2.

MPlayer was also working well embedded into a QWidget, only the 
background was destroyed in resizing when paused or stopped as described 
in my earlier posting below. I attempted also to take screenshots using 
QPixmap.grabWindow() and .grabWidget() but these only return an empty 
image. I'd still like to understand this behaviour if anyone has any 
ideas. Thanks.

Best regards,
Timothy Grove

On 04/09/2011 13:45, Jo Jürgens wrote:
> If you can use VLC instead of Mplayer, there are Python/Qt bindings 
> for it that seem to work fine
> http://wiki.videolan.org/Python_bindings
> On Sun, Aug 28, 2011 at 4:27 PM, Timothy W. Grove <tim_grove at sil.org 
> <mailto:tim_grove at sil.org>> wrote:
>     I've been successful in embedding the MPlayer video player into a
>     QWidget thanks to the PyMPlayer application
>     (http://code.google.com/p/python-mplayer/). Resizing the QWidget
>     resizes a movie just fine while the movie is playing, but once a
>     movie is paused or stopped, no resizing of the displayed frame
>     occurrs and even worse, if the window size is decreased so that it
>     covers the movie, that area of the movie frame is erased. I'm
>     wondering if someone could suggest what issues 'might' be involved
>     here? Thanks for any ideas!
>     Best regards,
>     Tim
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