[PyQt] Camelot 11.09.10 released

Erik Janssens Erik.Janssens at conceptive.be
Sat Sep 10 10:34:41 BST 2011


Camelot 11.09.10 has been released.  This is a stable release with minor
modifications.  The most important change is probably the availability of
API documentation.



Changes :

 * Refresh reexecutes queries in the table view

 * Deleted entities are grayed out in the GUI if they are deleted when

 * Add setup.py to new projects for easy packaging

 * The settings mechanism becomes plugable

 * Print preview does pdf export when no printer is available

 * Wizard to create a new project

 * API documentation integrated with sphinx

 * UserException, a subclass of Exception that to inform the user in
   a gentle way he should behave different.

 * Reduced memory usage

 * Table views are sorted by primary key to avoid row flicker

 * German, French and Dutch translations

 * Generation of .po files integrated with setuptools

 * Fixes of VirtualAddress editor

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