[PyQt] QtWebKit and QHttpThreadDelegate

Robert Kent rob at gulon.co.uk
Mon Oct 1 09:16:47 BST 2012


I'm building an app that uses QWebKit to access a webpage that uses AJAX to to fetch data. This data can be displayed either on the webpage (in which case the AJAX request returns HTML snippets) or from the application itself (via evaluateJavaScript() on a QWebFrame which returns a JSON object). This works fine when rendering into the webpage but the first time each of the AJAX calls is made by the application I get an error and the following printed in to the terminal from the PyQt app:

QHttpThreadDelegate::finishedSlot: HTTP reply had already been deleted, internal problem. Please report.

As I say, this only happens the first time I make a call, repeating it works fine. Has anybody else experienced this or have any suggestions as to what might be happening? I thought it might be that the reply was going out of context in the JavaScript, but why would it only fail the first time?

Thanks very much in advance,
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