[PyQt] QApplication and datetime.strptime

Michka Popoff michkapopoff at gmail.com
Wed Jun 5 21:20:46 BST 2013


I am extracting strings containing dates from some files in a pyqt app, and I want to use datetime.strptime to format them.

But this won't work as Qapplication seem to alter my locales. I found this topic :


So if I use : os.putenv("LANG", "C"), it will indeed work.

My questions are the following :

- Why does PyQt change the locales ? Is there some documentation on this I could read ?
More "pythonic" questions, but related to the problem :
- Is it OK to use os.putenv on all platforms ? The python documentation says it is not always provided. (locale.setlocale is platform dependent).
Setting the value directly in os.environ may causes memory leaks on some platforms.
- Are there some specific problems I could have if I use the "C" option ? What will be the influence on the pyqt app ?
- Is there perhaps a known alternative to datetime.strptime, where I can define the locale temporarily or which works with pyqt ?

Thanks in advance

Michka Popoff

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