[PyQt] Missing QVector<x>D Classes

Phil Thompson phil at riverbankcomputing.com
Wed Jun 5 22:17:09 BST 2013

On Tue, 4 Jun 2013 09:57:05 -0700, "Tzucker, Jay" <jtzucker at rarecyte.com>
> I am using PyQt4 under Linux (CentOS) with the following versions:
> Qt: 4.6.2
> PytQt:4.6.2
> Python:2.6.6
> The QVector<x>D  (ex. QVector3D) classes seem to be missing.
> I imported and looked thru the classes in QtGui where I expected them,
> didn't see them.
> Any help would be much appreciated!
> Thanks
> Jay

You need PyQt v4.7 or later.


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