[PyQt] possible QFileDialog bug

Hans-Peter Jansen hpj at urpla.net
Mon Jan 20 10:08:58 GMT 2014

On Sonntag, 19. Januar 2014 07:03:15 Shiouen wrote:
> Hey there,
> I've been experiencing a bug in QFileDialog for a while and thought a fresh
> install of Qt5.2 and PyQt5.2 would help (the OS has also been refreshed)
> fixing the issue, but it didn't.
> QFileDialog, the function getOpenFileName specifically, shows very strange
> behaviour.
> 1. A second, initially transparent, window opens along with the file dialog.
> If I move this window, it takes over whatever what was hidden behind it.
> (screenshot shows this)
> 2. All options, filters, show dirs only, directory parameter, etc. do not
> work at all
> example code:  pastebin code <http://pastebin.com/nfxVekpd>  , I randomly
> put the last line there, since no matter where I call that line, same
> behaviour occurs. I'm showing this code, just in case I missed anything
> fundamental before calling the getOpenFileName function.
> screenshot:  example <http://i.imgur.com/iuWPxKG.png>  , the second windows
> is named gui.py and has already been moved, copying whatever content was
> behind it. The actualy search window/dialog is launched as if all parameters
> were 'None'

Since the QFileDialog looks very much like some gtk derived one, fingers point 
to a dysfunctional Ubuntu hack, that you suffer from. 

You will need to find the right tree to bark up...


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