[PyQt] PyQt bug: choose file dialog sometimes opens instead of QWebPage.chooseFile call

Florian Bruhin me at the-compiler.org
Wed May 14 06:14:55 BST 2014

* Герасимов Михаил <Gerasimov-M-N at yandex.ru> [2014-05-14 08:54:00 +0400]:
> Hello! Sorry for my broken english.
> I emulate click on file upload button in QWebView to automate file
> uploading. On some sites instead of QWebPage.chooseFile function call,
> Windows choose file dialog opens (even if QWebView is hidden). I'm using
> PyQt5.2.1, Windows 7 ×86, python 3.3.
> Is it PyQt bug? Should I report it somewhere? Thanks for help.
> Here is code example:
> [...]

Just a guess, but you might have to also support the

"This extension is invoked when the web content requests one or more
file names, for example as a result of the user clicking on a "file
upload" button in a HTML form where multiple file selection is


You can find an example how I implemented the ErrorPage extension



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