[PyQt] PyQt/pyqtdeploy: struggling to get it to run.

Christoff Kok christoff.kok at ex-mente.co.za
Fri May 16 10:54:00 BST 2014


I am new to Python, QT and pyqtdeploy.
I am struggling to get pyqtdeploy's gui to appear. It is installed, I can
access it's API through a python console.

I am stuck at the first instruction of the tutorial:
"pyqtdeploy myproject.pdy"
I am working on a Windows 7 OS. The command pyqtdeploy does not exist in my
command prompt. I expected this as pyqtdeploy was installed as a python

So I called python and passed python the command:
"python pyqtdeploy myproject.pdy"
I got the error:
python: can't open file 'pyqtdeploy': [Errno 2] No such file or directory

Ok, I need to instruct python to run a module, so I ran the command:
python -m pyqtdeploy myproject.pdy
I got the error:
C:\Python33\python.exe: No module named pyqtdeploy.__main__; 'pyqtdeploy'
is a package and cannot be directly executed.

Ok, snap. What now? I dug into the API pyqtdeploy's code to try and see
what I can do to make the gui appear.
There is a main module with a method main creating a QApplication (which by
previous attempts I discover is needed for the project gui QWidget to be
created in). This must be it.
So I ran the command:
python -m pyqtdeploy.main myproject.pdy
Whoot, no error. .. but nothing is happening. No gui is appearing.

Ok, now to try and create an QApplication, then maybe I can add the project
gui QWidget to it.
When I try to create a QApplication in python I receive the following error:
This application failed to start because it could not find or load the Qt
platform plugin "windows".
This might be the problem. Something is possible weird with my PyQt
I googled the error and came across this 'solution':
Copy libEGL.dll from PyQt5 folder to build folder
It didn't work for me. I am still at loss as what to do. Please assist if
possible. In a meantime, I will be trying to figure it out myself.
Christoff Kok
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