[PyQt] ANN: pyqtdeploy v0.6 Released

Phil Thompson phil at riverbankcomputing.com
Sat Sep 13 11:02:06 BST 2014

pyqtdeploy v0.6 has been released. This is a release candidate for v1.0 
- no
more development is planned before then.

Unfortunately there are some incompatible changes...

- The format of the project file has changed and you will have to 
   them from scratch. (This won't happen again.)
- Support for Python v2.6 has been dropped.
- The pyqtdeploy module has been renamed pdytools.
- The non-GUI functionality of pyqtdeploy has been moved to a separate
   pyqtdeploycli program.

On the plus side...

- Applications now set the sys.frozen attribute.
- Applications that use setuptools entry points are now supported.
- Reimplemented the GUI for specifying the standard library modules 
needed by
   an application.  pyqtdeploy now understands the inter-dependencies 
   the standard library so it is only necessary to specify the modules
   explicitly imported by the application.
- It is now possible to build console applications on Windows.
- It is now possible to build non-bundle applications on OS/X.
- Values for DEFINES, INCLUDEPATH and LIBS can now be scoped with qmake 
   in order to specify platform-specific values.
- Applications can now be built with or without support for SSL.
- Added support for modules introduced in PyQt v5.3.2.
- Added support for PyQtPurchasing.
- pyqtdeploy and pyqtdeploycli are themselves deployable.


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