[PyQt] QtWebKit and QtWebKitWidgets

Florian Bruhin me at the-compiler.org
Mon Sep 15 11:14:32 BST 2014

* Gianluca Romanin <romaninz at gmail.com> [2014-09-15 11:19:18 +0200]:
> Thank you Florian!

No problem! :)

> - I am already using QtWebKitWidgets in such a way. I didn't find out the
> difference between QtWebkit and QtWebKitWidgets in the webkit version (the
> docs talks about webkit1 and webkit2).

I'm still confused with webkit a bit, but I *think* webkit1 and
webkit2 are just two API "variants", not really versions.

I think QML uses WebKit2 indeed, but the "traditional" QtWebKitWidgets
(using WebKit1) works fine. I'm not sure how much the efforts
supporting WebKit2 will continue, because QtWebEngine is coming up.

> - well... I didn't know your project. Good to find it! I am currently
> coding just a little inline browser for a Html5 embedded app. So this is
> not exactly the case of Qutebrowser.

Okay! Feel free to ask here (or in #pyqt on Freenode) again if you
have any issues! :)


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