[PyQt] Supplying PyQt5 via PyPI

Chris Kaynor ckaynor at zindagigames.com
Mon Sep 22 22:58:24 BST 2014

On Mon, Sep 22, 2014 at 2:13 PM, Matt Newell <newellm at blur.com> wrote:

> I have compiled qt/sip/pyqt and a lot of other c++ stuff with msvc2005,
> 2008,
> 2010, and recently 2012 ALL linked against python.org's python 2.7 and
> I've
> never had an issue.  This code has been used extensively in production with
> over 100 users inside various 3rd party applications (3dsmax, softimage
> xsi,
> more recently maya), a bunch of in house applications, and from python.exe
> itself.
> However you MUST use the same msvc for anything that passes around c++
> objects, or you WILL get crashes.
> Fortunately libpython is an all C api and it's my understanding that the C
> has been stable between msvc versions.  I think the new/delete problem does
> not apply because of the way python's memory management works.  I also
> think
> that any python modules i've compiled do not pass FILE pointers to python's
> api.
> I'm not saying problems aren't possible just that in my experience it works
> fine.

This has generally been my experience as well. Namely, at work we use Maya
2013 which embeds CPython 2.7 compiled against VS2010, and most 3rd party C
extensions work fine. Additionally, we have a few internal C extensions as
well, which are compiled against VS2010, and they work fine in Python 2.7
as downloaded from python.org.

In a few cases, however, we have run into issues, which are quite annoying.
Generally, any issues show up almost immediately, however in a few cases
crashes have shown up days or weeks after starting to use a library, when
somebody decides to call a function that then passes a C std object across
the library boundary, which are then often very difficult to debug.

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