[PyQt] PyQt5 qwebview not found in qtwebkit

Florian Bruhin me at the-compiler.org
Sat Aug 1 08:39:45 BST 2015

* David Cortesi <davecortesi at gmail.com> [2015-07-31 17:46:53 -0700]:
> > Can I use WebEngine instead even when I port my app to Windows (Riverbank
> site states due to compiler used it does not run on Windows)?
> I ported a somewhat simple app with a browser window from the Qt WebKit to
> the Qt WebEngine classes. Porting was not difficult; for the most part it
> means inserting "Engine" into various class names -- when compatible
> methods exists, they have the same names.
> However, not all WebKit methods exist in the current WebEngine, and some of
> the properties you may use in QWebSettings are not supported. Before you
> commit to porting, make sure every feature you need is supported.

That's kind of the pain point for me - I'll have to reimplement some
stuff in javascript as there's no QWebElement API anymore.

> I do not know about Windows support, nor Linux. I do know that on Mac OS,
> the QWebEngine setup within a Mac OS app bundle is very complicated and not
> like normal Py/Qt lib locations. Deployment was very difficult, and when I
> last looked (several months back) pyqtdeploy didn't deal with it. Maybe it
> does now?

Sounds like more deployment fun... :-/

> That said, WebKit crashes were a daily event, but the WebEngine seems very
> solid once it works at all.

I'm writing a browser[1] using QtWebKit (and hopefully soon
QtWebEngine). I reported many crashes and they got fixed - the only
one I'm still aware of is on Twitter/Facebook. But other than that
I've been using it for my daily driver since years (and so have my
users), and I'm happy overall :)


[1] http://www.qutebrowser.org/

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