[PyQt] PyQt5 bug in QPropertyAnimation on Windows

Trilarion pyqt at twelvepm.de
Sat Aug 1 11:34:55 BST 2015

Thanks. Sorry for the false alarm. Should have followed the changes in 
PyQt 5.5 better.

Just a minor thing. The error message of the binding generator could be 
a bit more useful if it would also print what it would actually expect, 
i.e. what it actually can convert into a QByteArray, that would be byte 
objects here. It might put people on the right track more quickly.

Am 01.08.2015 um 00:20 schrieb Phil Thompson:
> It's not a bug. As of PyQt v5.5 (and deprecated in v5.4) Python strings
> do not get automatically converted to a QByteArray because the codec is
> not known. Pass a bytes object instead of a string.
> Phil
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