[PyQt] PyQt5.4.1 missing QtMultiMedia and QtWebEngineView modules

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Tue Aug 4 13:16:32 BST 2015


The QtMultiMedia*  modules were not there due to missing development files.  I had installed the binaries only, so now the set is complete I have my QtMultiMedia*.

Now 1 more to go.......

and that is WebKit2 OR WebEngine.  However I have a hard time in believing that WebEngine will ever come to much Linix distro's. The maintainers of major distros dont like the dependencies at all if I google arround.  Hence WebKit2 is my next bet.  However, even WebKit2 seems not available on all Linux distros but that compilation of WebKit might be doable.

The move to WebEngine by Digia sucks (why did they not stay with WebKit2?), 
WebEngine is too big to compile, too many dependencies, less support for all sorts of API things and less platform support.

My question is...... what is wise to do? Trying to do all WebEngine stuff my self (like compiling and solving all sorts of dependencies) or try to do the same with WebKit2?
Note: staying with WebKit1 is nowadays already a problem for many web sites.

Dear all,

I'm still in the progress of porting my app from PyQt4 to PyQt5.
So far so good, it runs but now I want to make use of the Qt5 components (like QtMultiMedia, QtMultiMediaWidgets and QtWebEngineView) but I cant find them inside the site-packages/PyQt5  folder of python 2.7

This is what I did on my Fedora 20 64bit instance:

I  made sure that all Qt5 libs are installed as run-time libs and as far there where corresponding devel libs.

downloaded SIP (4.16.9)
downloaded PyQt 5.4.1.

Then I run for SIP: 
python configure.py 
make install

Then I run for PyQt5:
python configure,py -q /usr/lib64/qt5/bin/qmake
make install

However the components I did the porting in the first place for are missing:

In configure.py (which I did not edit/change) they are mentioned but there are no corresponding subdirs and corresponding .so files.

Do I have to specify them during the build (where/hown) or do I need to download the latest PyQT5 5.5 version?

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