[PyQt] PySide 2

David Boddie david at boddie.org.uk
Tue Aug 11 21:53:33 BST 2015

On Sun Aug 9 15:08:01 BST 2015, Marcus Ottosson wrote:

> @Phil, what are your thoughts on this? Will it have any effect on the
> growth and development of PyQt? From a 10.000 feet view, you alone could
> potentially squash this effort in a matter of weeks by widening the license
> scheme and potentially gain 100% market share, and possibly gain added
> traction via open source contributions from the very same volunteers
> currently rounding up for PySide.

Would those be the same volunteers that have been rounding up for PySide
over the last six years or so? [1] ;-) I've seen a lot of people lining up
to express enthusiasm for working on it, but not so many of them wanting to
actually work on it, or pay someone else to work on it.


> PyQt is a great product of great quality. I personally wouldn't want to see
> this responsibility fall into the hands of Autodesk.

Are you worried that they won't go the distance with respect to funding
PySide development, or that any development will be too tightly linked to
their own needs?


[1] Has it really been that long?

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