[PyQt] PySide 2

Marcus Ottosson konstruktion at gmail.com
Sun Aug 16 14:30:18 BST 2015

> Would those be the same volunteers that have been rounding up for PySide
over the last six years or so?

I can see why you might ask that, I was sceptical at first too. But there's
an initiative beyond Qt [1] behind this effort, and with it I think a new
audience will appear in favour of advancing the state of PySide. I think
this same audience would apply equally well to PyQt, if PyQt were to be

> Are you worried that they won't go the distance with respect to funding
PySide development, or that any development will be too tightly linked to
their own needs?

That's not it, I'm sure they'll go the distance as they are looking to
build their own software upon it and in this case me and Autodesk share

It was more a shout out to Phil that his efforts have been incredibly
robust, up to date and responsive.

[1]: http://www.vfxplatform.com/
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