[PyQt] Simple Examples for using SIP with PyQt5

Robert Kent rob at gulon.co.uk
Thu Aug 20 15:59:37 BST 2015

Hi David,

Good suggestion as that’s what I was in the process of doing and its worked…sort of! I’ve now got something that cleanly compiles to an ‘.so’, but when I import it I get missing symbol errors. I imagine however that this is to do with the overly simplistic sip definition I was using to develop the build process.

Thanks very much for the help and patience, you may well hear from me again when I can’t get my function/method signatures in my sip definition right! :)

Cheers, Rob

> On 20 Aug 2015, at 15:45, David Boddie <david at boddie.org.uk> wrote:
> On Thu Aug 20 14:53:46 BST 2015, Robert Kent wrote:
>> I have actually managed to run the sip command successfully and auto-generated
>> the necessary code, my issue is actually with creating a working configure.py
>> and hence a Makefile. The examples refer to “pyqtconfig” which used to provide
>> a range of Makefile classes which seemed to fill in all the details regarding
>> include and library directories and compiler/linker options in general for the
>> Qt framework and sip. Any help on what the necessary options are or how to
>> obtain them would be hugely appreciated.
> It might be worthwhile looking at the configuration script for the Python
> bindings to QScintilla:
>  https://riverbankcomputing.com/software/qscintilla/intro
> Look in the Python/configure.py file for some code that figures out the PyQt and
> Qt configurations. It looks like it was written to be used as a template for
> other projects, too.
> David
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