[PyQt] Deployment Issues on Linux For a C++ Embedded Python Application

David Boddie david at boddie.org.uk
Thu Dec 17 23:20:43 GMT 2015

On Thu Dec 17 18:35:20 GMT 2015, Eric.W.Ferguson wrote:

> When I move this package over to a new machine and try to run a python
> script I get the following error:
> QMetaType::registerType: Binary compatibility break -- Size mismatch for
> type 'QPaintBufferCacheEntry' [1024]. Previously registered size 16, now
> registering size 0.
> Does anyone have any insight into what may be happening? Any help would be
> appreciated.

Just quickly doing a grep through the Qt 5.5.0 sources that I had lying
around, I failed to find QPaintBufferCacheEntry at all. Is it something
specific to Qt 5.4, or is there some extension that is registering that
type with the meta-object system?


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